Sun Light 11.0 – 11 ft x 32.3 in x 6 in

Sun Light 11.0 – 11 ft x 32.3 in x 6 in

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Experience the groundbreaking innovation of the Spinera Sun Lights ULT SUP with Single Layer ultra Light Technology! This top-of-the-line SUP sets new standards in weight and portability.

An outstanding feature of the Spinera Sun Lights ULT SUP is its amazingly light weight compared to conventional boards. Thanks to its low mass, it can be transported effortlessly – be it on public transport such as buses and trains or even on a mountain bike. No matter where your adventure takes you, the Sun Lights ULT SUP will accompany you everywhere.

The new Sun Lights series offers perfect all-round boards for everyone. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced paddler, these boards will adapt to any riding level and provide you with an unforgettable SUP experience. The complete set includes everything you need to get started right away and have a lot of fun.

With 3 different sizes to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for you. Whether you prefer a smaller board for kids, a mid-sized board for ladies, or a larger board for men, the Sun Lights ULT SUP has the right size for everyone.

So, grab the Spinera Sun Lights ULT SUP and enjoy the ease of paddling. Thanks to the Single Layer ultra Light Technology, you will experience a SUP experience in a class of its own. Just set up, get going and have a lot of fun – that’s the motto of this incredible complete set. What are you waiting for? Start your adventure with the Spinera Sun Lights ULT SUP!

The right SUP size for beginners
For most SUP beginners, a board size in the range of 10′ – 12′ x 31″ – 32″ x 6 ” (320 – 366 cm x 79 – 81 cm x 15 cm) has proven itself in practice. The most popular board type is still the all-round board and the cruising board, which is a hybrid of an all-rounder and a touring board.

However, ambitious beginners can also get started with a touring board. In this segment, there are some models with an extended width and good tipping stability. You should only avoid very narrow racing boards if you have no previous experience!

The right SUP size for advanced riders
With increasing experience, advanced paddlers tend to opt for longer and narrower boards. If you have trained your balance skills well, fast and sporty performance becomes increasingly important. Here, boards with a length of 12.6′ (366 cm) and more, as well as a narrower width between 29 – 30″ (74 – 76 cm) are clearly ahead.

In terms of glide, racing boards and touring boards are the absolute “non plus ultra”. The length of these boards is usually 14′ (427 cm) and the width is sometimes well under 29″ (74 cm). However, these boards also require very well-trained skills!

The right SUP size for children
Smaller boards are best suited for SUP kids. These can be significantly shorter and narrower than those for adults. Children are significantly smaller and lighter and therefore require less buoyant boards.

In addition, more compact SUP boards weigh less and are much easier to control due to their reduced dimensions. This makes it easier for children to handle. A length between 9′ and 10′ (270 – 300 cm) is suitable for most kids.

But of course, individual stature is also important for this target group. For taller teenagers, the same criteria increasingly apply as for adults.

The following list shows you which dimensions and volume a beginner SUP board should have depending on your weight. These are values that can be +-5%.

Flat water SUP board

  • Load Length Width Volume
  • Up to 60 kg 310 – 340 cm 75 cm 170 liters
  • Up to 70 kg 310 – 340 cm 78 cm 180 liters
  • Up to 85 kg 340 – 370 cm over 78 cm 220 liters
  • Over 85 kg 340 – 370 cm over 80 cm 230 liters


  • Up to 70 kg 310 – 340 cm 78 cm 200 liters
  • Up to 85 kg 340 – 370 cm over 80 cm 230 liters
  • Over 85 kg 340 – 370 cm over 82 cm 230 liters

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