Embark on a journey into the realm of premium kayaking with the Spinera Tenaya. This exceptional kayak offers the perfect blend of quality, stability, and performance, elevating your water adventures to new heights. Reinforced SpinTEX sidewalls ensure durability while maintaining agility in the water. The 8 cm thick High-Density-Drop-Stitch (HDDS) floor offers exceptional stability and comfort for a secure kayaking experience.

Our kayak model Hybris is available in 3 different sizes and is made of high quality materials. Hybris has a classic kayak shape with a 3-chamber safety system. The bottom is made of Tarpaulin – a very smooth material that allows for a more resistance-free glide. It is more maneuverable and faster and can be inflated very quickly.

The streamlined kayak MOLVENO is a revolutionary inflatable kayak with Drop Stitch Technology and best tracking. The reinforced HDDS fabric on the bottom and sidewalls provides incredible stiffness and durability. Plenty of storage space front and back. Our kayak model Molveno is available in 2 different sizes. 

The Adriatic model consists of a dropstitch construction with 2 chambers. The Adriatic is wider and more compact. This makes it more stable and tilt resistant. Also suitable for families with children or dogs. The load capacity is slightly higher, so if you bring heavy luggage, this kayak is certainly the most suitable.

All Spinera Sup-Kayak models are made from a high quality HDDS (High Density Drop Stitch). The removable floor on our Spinera SupKayaks is made of 8cm High Density Drop Stitch and is equipped with an extra valve. The 2 chamber safety system on all our models provides a safe and good feeling on the water in any situation. All SUPKayaks are supplied with bag, fin, kayak seat & repair kit without glue. 

"Water is the driving force of all nature"

Leonardo da Vinci


The Tenaya, named after Lake Tenaya in the High Sierra, is our most feature-rich family of kayaks with top-of-the-line quality construction incorporating welded tubes and integrated 8 cm HDDS drop-stitch floor. Based on a proven design, the Tenaya incorporates evolutionary improvements including an improved foot bracing system and a new high-back seat design. MOLLE and universal mounts allow for integration with your favorite peripheral accessory brands. The Tenaya includes multiple self-bailing scupper drains adding to its paddling versatility. Integrated US fin box with a weedless click-in fin allows for toolless setup. The Tenaya comes in:

available sizes

11.3 ft
[26.2 lbs/11.9 kg]

13.3 ft
[32.8 lbs/14.9 kg]

15.6 ft
[39.5 lbs/17.9 kg]



  • Reinforced SpinTex inner tubes
  • CODURA Nylon 1000D
  • Reinforced tarpaulin under floor for the best gliding properties on the water
  • 8 cm HDDS floor – High Density Dropstitch Floor – Enables stable as well as comfortable getting on and off the kayak during the tour



8 cm HDDS floor - High Density Dropstitch Floor Air chambers: 3-fold safety system Quick inflation valve (for manual or electric inflation) 2 large center fins (quick and easy insertion system)


Handles for easy transportation, bungee cord at the front and rear for safe stowing of luggage.


Depending on your requirements, there are different paddles that need to be purchased separately for the kayak.


95x50x30 cm Space for 1 kayak, 1 pump, 1 paddle and other tools Shoulder and hip belt Splash-proof material


The Tenaya has an extremely comfortable Air Cushion seat with a high backrest


Push-push valve for easy deflation. Valve video available on Youtube. Electric pumps for easier inflation.


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